You Think That’s Offensive

Keegan Bradley

Keegan, What is that French Hugenot?

Irish you say, well I may drink like an Irishman and enjoy potato’s but I’m no expert in Celtic names, or is it Celtic?

Everybody is up and arms and lips over the amount of lugies that master Bradley has been irrigating the golf course with lately and how unbecoming it is in professional golf.


Anyone watch a NFL game lately? Apparently a protective cup is no longer mandatory equipment for football players and when it come to their personal tackle today’s pants leave little to the imagination. Couldn’t we make them put their junk back is some form of a trunk? Maybe that’s why women like football so much……….

How about baseball? There is enough spitting, crotchgrabbing and other forms of pleasuring one’s self on a baseball diamond to offend even the strongest of sensibilities, but yet we all love America’s Pastime.

How about soccer? They don’t spit much or have time to crotch grab, but I sure do find all that flopping and whining to the referees more offensive than a fart in a crowded elevator.

How about golf? Almost forgot where I was going with this, Keegan Bradley’s problem on the golf course is his insane pre-shot routines(s) and how long it takes all of that nonsense to take place on every shot. His spitting is the least of his annoying habits. His other being his fondness for multiple shades of red that never seem to quite match.

How much longer is professional golf going to tolerate slow play? According to an interview that Tim Finchem gave recently, he doesn’t see slow play as an issue on The PGA Tour but sees it as a problem for the recreational golfer. WHAT?

Who does Finchem think the recreational golfer emulates, the 23 handicap who lives down the street? I’ve never heard anyone on the putting green say, I’m trying to swing like Irving Greenblat, I really like his out to in slice move. No, it’s all about the guys and girls on Tour, they are our role models and spokespersons for products we buy, golf courses we play and swings to copy and yes Tim even pace of play. If there was a shotclock on tour that allowed 25 seconds to hit a shot, you can be darn sure the guys in my group would be counting down to 25 when it was my turn to play next Saturday.

Golf hates change, but change isn’t as always as hard as it’s made out to be, if it was nobody would ever say we should have done that years ago……

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Bob Seganti,PGA

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