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Well it’s hard to believe that another golf season has come to a close. I know, I know there is The Fall Asleep Series, I mean Fall Series on The PGA Tour with the second of 5 events being played this week. Anyone know who won last week and where? No. That’s what I thought. The ladies are back in action, I like ladies and I like action but with football season underway I doubt they will be getting any TV time and of course at some point in November and December The “Silly Season” will have some events or as is should really be known as The Fred Couples IRA season. So where does that leave us with professional golf? It leaves us with looking back on the year that was and speculating on what 2011 will bring.

In the meantime why not take a fall golf vacation or start planning your winter getaway, and if you’re feeling really frisky your annual Spring Fling. How do you get started? Right here on this website with Caledonia Golf Vacations. Deposits are’nt due until 60 days prior to arrival, so why not book now and start saving those hardearned dollars right now well in advance. All you football freaks, why not use those Fantasy Football future winnings to bankroll this future golf trip, not hard, just do it!

Bob Seganti, PGA

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