What a Year It’s Been So Far

An Irishman a German and a South African walk into PGA tour headquarters…………….

I have no punchline to this joke yet, but please feel free to make up your own. Am I the only one who thinks Phil’s Masters victory happened in another year in a another decade? International golf has been so dominant this year in the majors that the PGA tour should suspend this year’s Player of the Year title due to a lackluster performance by our boys in 2010. Poor Dustin Johnson, well not really poor, because most 25 year olds aren’t making millions every year, but the  kid has been forced to be our American force in the Majors this year and has not done very well in crunch time, I hope these scars aren’t permanent, remember what the great thespian Keuna Reeves said in The Replacements “pain is temporary, chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever”. I hope in Dustin’s case that the first two have happened and he will have another chance at the third. Ryder Cup anyone?

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