Torrey Pining Away For The Game We Love

Yes, the official start of the season begins when Tiger and Phil tee it up or until someone else can capture the public’s imagination, deal with it.

When the only reason I watch the Golf Channel this time of year is to see what happens to the guy in the pipe you know your early tour stops are lacking star power.

That and to see the changing faces of the on air talent, is the Golf Channel a hard place to work at?, they go thru more staff than the swing shift at your local McDonalds.

Hint more Win McMurray types and less guys, unless they are certified instructors like Michael Breed or former players like Nobilo or Rymer, what is with all the male talent?, is there a huge female audience that is looking for some hunk with some junk in his trunk. I mean check Fox, CNN or any other news or sports telecast, it’s babe city of the female persuasion.  Take a hint from the Weather Channel, it looks like they hire their talent from The Perfect 10 Modeling Agency and the Golf Channel looks like they hire a bunch of guys who play on your softball team.

Anyway back to Torrey Pines, great looking weather, great looking scenery, great looking gallery and some real star power,

Now that your thinking about golf, time to think about a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

All you need to know is Caledonia Golf Vacations

Go Play Golf!

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