Caledonia Chowder Shack

The History of Caledonia’s Clam Chowder

From the restaurant that overlooks the saltwater marsh to its championship golf course, the Caledonia experience is one thing you will never forget. While enjoying your round, make sure you stop and get a cup of the famous complimentary Caledonia Clam Chowder.

You might be wondering how in the world clam chowder ended up on a golf course in South Carolina. One of the locals in the area, George Young, created the recipe in 1994 and started serving it to golfers when the club opened. Originally the chowder was called “fish stew,” but after northerners began flocking to the area in the winter, the once named fish stew soon took on its current clam chowder label. Nearly 25 years later, the chowder continues to be a favorite among visiting golfers.

The chowder fits perfectly with the casual, Lowcountry ambience that Caledonia provides –  combining colorful azaleas, low hanging moss, the old-style clubhouse built on an old rice field, and the saltwater marsh which runs throughout the entire property. The Caledonia Clam Chowder truly brings the Lowcountry experience full circle.

Where do you get this Caledonia delicacy, you ask? While playing the championship golf course at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, stop in between the 9th green and 10th tee and pick up a cup. You won’t regret it, and it’s there every day until the pot runs dry!

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