Task Force!

Ryder Cup Task Force. No it’s not okay! Sounds like some lame local PAC Committee formed in your township to fight the scourge of dogs crapping on public property or some other lame circumstance that is bugging your neighbors. To this blogger, it just seems like an over the top response to something that at the end of the day most golf fans and fans of sport arent really that concerned with. So we’ve had  our asses handed to us for the last 20 years in Ryder Cup. So what? Play better and live with the results either way. The quotes coming from the “Force” are that Tiger and Phil are really “on board” with the “Force” Great….if our 2 best players of this generation would have played better we wouldn’t need the “Force”. I say embrace the quality of talent worldwide, accept the fact that we are one nation now playing many and the talent gap has closed. Leave the “Force” stuff for bad cop movies and Star Wars trilogies. However, if you feel the need to form a committee or task force, form one to organize your next club trip to Myrtle Beach for some golf and other stuff we have here. Check out Caledonia Golf Vacations for incredible golf vacations to 2 of Golf Magazine’s 2014 Top 100 Courses you can Play!  

Go Play Golf!

Bob Seganti, PGA

The opinions expressed in this blog are not necassarily those of ownership and management and probably wouldn’t be of Caledonia Golf Club – True Blue Golf Club – Caledonia Golf Vacations.

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