Talking Trash at the Ryder Cup

“Trash Talking” has always been a part of sports. It’s generally vulgar and meant to remind someone of their inability on the court, field and preceding a divorce, in the bedroom. Ouch! Where’s the Cialis when you need it? Back to golf!

That kind of trash talking may take place in your Saturday morning golf match and it often does in mine, but that would be considered low-brow for golf at the highest level. There is some trash talking, but it’s more along the lines of a friendly reduce, reuse and recycle policy.

We have had these “burns” or “in your face”  by the world’s greatest players this week. Is there anything more amusing than everyone getting in a lather over Phil Mickelson “Well, not only are we able to play together, we also don’t litigate against each other” referring to Rory McIlory suing Graeme McDowells Agency Horizon Sports. Oh Snap! Of course Rory replied with the rich guys version of “whatever bounces off me sticks to you, because I’m rubber and you’re glue.””At least we’re not wanted by the FBI” Damnnnnnnnnnn! Oh, those mostly white rich guys and their mostly white rich guy problems……no need to earmuff the kids.

Enjoy the Ryder Cup!

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