Strantz Spotlight: Hole No. 5 at Caledonia

“Straight Up”

The two best words to describe No. 5 at Caledonia are “straight” and “narrow.” The par-4 No. 5 at Caledonia is one of the most difficult golf holes you’ll encounter during your round at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. Measuring just 417 yards from the longest tee, length is the least of a golfer’s worry on this hole.

As achieving “straight” while conquering “narrow” may be a golfer’s greatest challenge, it usually means a golfer should be considering placement over distance off the tee. This hole has a sneaky way of luring a golfer into grabbing a driver rather than choosing the smarter play and laying up. Mike Strantz was able to design a fairway and hole that looks much larger from the tee than it really is. It’s deceptive, but fair.

The narrow fairway on No. 5 is guarded on the right by some very large and mischievous bunkering, and on the left the tree line has been carved out to make for a very obstructed second swing towards the green. To find a par or better on this hole, players had better find the fairway off the tee. Left and right will leave a golfer scrambling just to have a shot at a par save.

Position is everything on this hole for sure. You definitely don’t want to try and be a hero, either, if you aren’t in position. The green complex on this hole is elevated, shallow, and protected on all sides from a wayward swing. With water left, some bunkering short, and out of bounds to the right, players definitely should be aiming for the center of the green.

While not overly long, the par-4 No. 5 at Caledonia is arguably the most challenging hole on the course, and Strantz striped it down the middle for sure on its design.

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