Strantz Spotlight: #16 at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club has a great mix of holes that offer chances to play either aggressively or with your thinking cap screwed on tight. In the former case, the par-5 10th hole is one example where you can attack it and walk away with a birdie or better. In contrast, the par-4 16th at Caledonia is one where you want to take your par, be very happy with it and move on to the next hole.

Mike Strantz is a disciple of the Dye family of design, and one common element of Dye designs is how they can play mind tricks with you visually. Strantz has been known to do that at his golf courses, too. However, the 16th at Caledonia is the complete opposite. When you step on that tee box you see exactly where you need to hit. Four fairway bunkers on the right side and one on the left side bring your landing area very clearly into focus. A good tee shot to it will leave you a mid-iron into this green.

The approach shot requires a forced carry over a lake that guards the front and right side of the putting surface. We know you don’t mishit a lot of shots, but if you do, make sure your second shot favors the left side. Missing there will leave you a lot of green to work with and make it easy to get your par.

The putting surface here is one of our favorites. This green has many different quadrants where the flag can be tucked away. Players should use the slope to help feed their approach or chip shots near the hole.

Just remember: when you take on the 16th at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, par is your friend!

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