So Where Do We Go From Here

I won’t take much of your time, I know you have to get to the range to work out the kinks in your swing.

Tiger finishes T4 at The Masters, a relative unknown named Charl, that’s C-h-a-r-l wins, think Immelman a couple of years back, and finally we can all be gaga over golf again. It was certainly one of the best Masters this hack has ever seen. I’ll thrown in 86′ and 97′ for discussion at the local later over a few beers. But where will we go from here? Yes, I think we all agree that golf is more interesting when Tiger is in the mix, love him or hate him you can’t deny that fact. But can the young guns and the foreign guys keep your interest from week to week? That is the problem the PGA Tour faces, a lot of these guys aren’t members of The PGA Tour and won’t play together here very often. Let’s be honest, finishes like we saw at The Masters are the exception not the norm on Tour. Even if  you did have a lot of  players in the mix at the end, can you generate enought excitement at The Texas Open to truly engage people? Hard to say, but I’m thinking contraction for the PGA Tour will give more importance to the remaining events being played and leave us wanting more. Just like an 18 game schedule is bad for the NFL and expanding the NCAA tournament is a terrible idea, Do we really want the “regular season” to be completely meaningless? If Tiger and Phil and the rest of the big boys plan their schedule around the “big” events, and the ratings for those events are so much higher than your regular tour event shouldn’t that be telling you something………. Mr. Finchem, hello, anyone home? Maybe he’s on vacation.

That’s where you should be, on a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach, not hard, just go!

Bob Seganti, PGA

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