Playing Tip: How to Play the Approach at Caledonia’s Par-4 16th

It’s the most intimidating shot on one of Mike Strantz’s toughest Lowcountry holes: the approach at the par-4 16th at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. Charlie Rymer is here to show you how to conquer it!

Charlie Rymer:

The 16th hole is the number one handicap hole here at Caledonia, and this is the reason why. The second shot, it’s absolutely intimidating. The pond guards the entire front of the green, the right hand side, and the right side of that green is really skinny from front to back.

So here’s the deal when you play 16: forget where the flagstick is. In fact, I had it pulled out today. Forget where it is. It doesn’t matter where it is. Every time you play this hole, you want to try and put your second shot in the back left portion of this green. What that does is it takes the water completely out of play, and if you go a little bit long, there’s a chipping area back there.

There’s no problem to get the ball up and down. So the idea here is to put the ball in position towards that back left portion, a little bit long and a little bit left, but I can make four from there!

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