Play More Golf! Preferably in Myrtle Beach

Are you like many of the 35 to 50 year old golfers who are playing less golf because of our various real and percieved responsibilities including work and family pressures? Join the club! Our motto should be “Misery Loves Company, All are welcome”. If you can answer more than 1/2  the questions below with yes, then you should resign from our club, re-join your old club and immediately book a tee-time and get the old gang back together for your Wednesday afternoon and Weekend games. While you’re at it, you might as well go to Myrtle Beach, SC play all the great courses including True Blue and Caledonia and let Caledonia Golf Vacations do all the legwork.  #buddytrip  #golfbuddies4life

1. Can I afford to pay the mortgage and still play golf?

2. Is it okay if I don’t attend all 160 games of my 8 year old son’s/daugher 40 week travel ball season?

3. Could my significant other use a little less of me hanging around all the time?

4. On my deathbed do I want to  remember my best round of golf or best moment during any webinar that have become so prevalent in the workplace.

5. Would you rather be tan and slightly chunky or pasty white and fat?

6. During a lovely Saturday lunch with your significant other do you find yourself craving a beer and hot dog halfway thru your heart smart plate?

7. Do you vaguely remember what a golf ball in flight looks like against a blue sky?

8. Would i consider introducing my significant other to golf if it means more golf for me?

9. Would I use my kids as caddies to get more time with Mommy or Daddy?

10. Would I like to wear my white belt and neon pink slacks on a more regular basis?

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and not necassarily of Caledonia Golf & Fish ClubTrue Blue Golf Club and Caledonia Golf Vacations.

Full disclosure. The opinions expressed in this blog are based on very little research, fact checking content is an odd mix of satirical and editorial musings borne of suspect expertise in the golf industry.

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