Musings From Monterey Bay

The golf does not need further analysis, Phil was great, Tiger sucked and that was that…..

But these things do……..

Did you notice George Lopez getting his “shagbag” inadvertantly grabbed more than once while crowdsurfing on Sunday. Ouch!

Can someone explain to me why Nike, the biggest shoe company in the world can’t make the “Jimmy shoes” of Seinfeld fame that Tiger now wears in different colors, so Tiger doesn’t look so Kramer like of the same famous Seinfeld episode. Think Mel Torme “The Velvet Fog and you’ll catch my politically incorrect drift….

The dog montage of well heeled pups playing in the surf, meanwhile there’s whales, great white sharks, dolphins and seals swimming around out there, get some shots of those, I can see dogs shaking water off at my local park….

CBS, Why can’t we get more footage from the other golf courses in the rotation, I would love to see some more shots of Monterey Peninsula and Spyglass Hill.

Bill Murray,  I don’t care about his clothes or his antics, both are quite lame in my opinion, although it is very difficult to be funny in that situation, but he certainly forces the “the comedy” too much. I might feel differently if I was there live, but probably just more uncomfortable… I would much rather see cheerleaders on every hole, then a sandbagging goofball like Murray dominating the broadcast coverage……

That’s all I have for this week, not much really. Hard to be critcal of much when you have a visual backdrop like Pebble Beach and Monterey Bay behind all of the action, for my money give me more of that and less CEO’s spazzing around on the greens.

BTW: One more thing, will someone tell Chris Berman to get a new shirt and hat, I think he’s been  sporting that combo since 1989….

Go on a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. There’s as much fun off the course as on the course and who doesn’t like fun?


Bob Seganti,PGA

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