Mellowing With Age

Yes, I will explain further. As a younger person I saw most things in black and white and right and wrong. I was the opposite of a bitter old man, I was in fact a bitter younger man. As I have gotten older I have become much more patient, much more accepting of people and their faults as well as trying to improve on my many faults. However, I must confess there are still certain things that get my motor running and all sense of understanding on my part goes completely out the window. Please let me share some concepts that have me going from 0 to pissed off in under 3 seconds.

1. The PGA Tour Fall series. We either have a season ending championship on The PGA Tour or we don’t, last I checked it was the Fed Ex Cup. I don’t see the NFL adding extra games after The Super Bowl so all the scrubs who didn’t make the squad during the regular season can pick up some game checks after the fact in the Spring. Here’s a thought, in this economy how about giving the poor sponsors for these events a chance to sponsor something that someone is actually watching.  Whew, and I thought the baseball season was too long.

2. Speaking of baseball, Derek Jeter wins the Gold Glove this year? are you kidding me, I know he only made 6 errors, but he only got to 14 balls all season. Sheesh, I hope Derek doesn’t turn around to quickly, he’ll break the necks of half the managers in the American League who have their head you know where.

3. Back to Golf: Drug Testing in Golf? Wow has anyone ever been succesful while being on drugs playing golf? I know there not looking for coke, heroin, or pot( that stuff went out of vogue on Tour in the early 90’s) well there has probably never been a Tour player on Heroin, tough to hit the “flopadopalous” when your strung out, but it sounds so rock n roll to throw the “H” word out there. I know the Tour is now looking for more performance enhancing drugs like HGH, Steroids etc. but really as buff as Tiger and some other guys have become, who cares if they are on HGH or Steroids? Did that help Tiger make any of the million pressure packed putts he has made in this career. NO. And if performance enhancing drugs were going to help the guys or gals play better on Tour, wouldn’t that mean that every juicehead on the Long Drive Tours would have a legit chance at a career on Tour? Half of those goons can’t even break 80 on their home course. I say let em juice if they want, Chicks Dig the Long Ball, but the Long Ball doesn’t win you very much so what’s the harm to the Tour? 

4. Hey, If Tiger is now going to suck and Phil is heading to some form of early retirement, then you need to give me a little bit more LPGA on televsion. That’s right, you heard me The LPGA. Just like tennis back in the day, the Men’s game started going downhill in regards to talent and big name players and the Ladies game started having great looking women playing the game and playing well. Well I’ll tell you what, there are some great looking players on The LPGA tour who have plenty of game and given a choice between a lower rung PGA Tour event and an LPGA event. I’m taking Gulbis, Wie,Pettersen and others over Weekley, Herron and McCarron. Wouldn’t you?

5. Golf needs a ShotClock. Now, If i have to see one more caddie and player take 2 minutes to decide whether or not to hit a 5 or a 6 iron layup on a par 5 I am going to commit a murder-suicide. Im going to throw a brick though the 48 inch Hi-Def and cut my jugular on the remaing shards of glass. Extreme yes, but my point, we are living in a fast moving society, most other sports of relevance have some form of shotclock to entice contiuous action. Pretty simple, here is my idea. Every group on Tour has about 40 people in it, standing around doing nothing, now one of them is the group order of play director( or some name like that). When it is Player A’s turn to play, he/she has 20 seconds to hit a golf shot. The honor on the next tee will now go to the player with the highest score and they will once again have 20 seconds to play a golf shot.  Caddy and Player better be hustling to get on the same page, now we will really see how much influence caddies have on their players. This would be the single biggest boost to TV viewership for golf in the history of the game. My opinion of course, but the right one if you think about it.

Catch you later, time to mellow out, to much stress is bad for your skin

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Go Play Golf! Not hard, just do it!

Bob Seganti, PGA

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