It’s All About The Hang

Hanging Out……..

It can mean a lot of things……

Like, if you ask you where your teenager where he/she  has been and he/she tells you they were just “hanging out” with  friends, immediately conduct a drug test and start considering Military Academy’s. Sorry, that’s just my first thought as a father of 3 teenagers, but I digress……

There’s been a lot of great weather everywhere this winter, so a lot of folks especially golfers have been “hanging out” at home. While I get that and I have been fortunate to call The Myrtle Beach Area home for over 20 years, “hanging out at home” is not like hanging out on vacation.

Hanging out on vacation especially a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach brings hanging out to a whole new level……

Hey Guys, Let’s hang out, have lunch and play another 18 holes today. They have same day replay discounts!

Hey Ladies, Let’s hang out in the spa this morning, we don’t tee-off until one today.

Hey, Let’s hang out for another round of drinks, as long as I’m in bed by midnight I’m good to go and we don’t tee-off until 9:30.

Hey, Uncle Charlie it was nice to hang out with you and Cousin Tommy and play golf today. We haven’t hung out together since we were kids.

Hey, Let’s go hang out over at The Golf School, they have some group clinics today.

Hey, you can take the kids who don’t play golf and go hang out on the beach, while we go play.

Hey, were going to head back to the hotel and hang out while you play your replay round. We’ll hang out for Happy Hour around 6 and go out to eat later.

Hey, get me out of this golf store, the longer I hang out here the more appealing that lime green plaid shirt becomes.

Hey, let’s get to the airport early and hang out, I don’t want to miss my flight to Myrtle Beach.

As you can see there are many good reasons for everybody to hang out in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With something for everybody and more fun off the golf course than anybody has the right to expect, what are you waiting for? Book your golf vacation today!

Hang Loose Everybody!


Bob Seganti, PGA

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