In with the new, out with the old

In many facets of our life, things change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Have you ever noticed that golf never really changes?

What about this year you say? Let’s take a hard “In The Rough” look at some of the newsworthy topics in golf so far this year.

What about the groove rule change this year? Is the groove change rule really going to make golf for non-golf fans must see TV? Probably not. But, thanks to the Scott McCarron and Phil Mickelson controversy, we may have some reality TV quality drama unfolding.

Picture this Jerry Springer-like scenario:

Phil and Scott on stage together sitting in flimsy chairs (the kind that are made for toppling over and throwing at your antagonist)

Phil: “You calling me a cheater”

Scott: “If the you’re the 40-year old guy in questionable shape wearing shirts at least a size too small and using a circa 1990 Ping Eye 2 Spin machine, then yeah I’m calling you a cheater”

Phil: “Somebody better stop slandering me or I’m calling corporate (PGA TOUR)”
Cut to taped interview with PGA Tour Commish Tim Finchem:

Tim: “With the early season sponsorship trouble, the weak fields on the west coast swing, and still no word from our ATM, I mean Mr. Woods, we look at any publicity as good publicity and if you could entice Phil to actually knock Scott off of that chair we would certainly appreciate that as well” You know just boys being boys (wink wink)

Stay tuned after this commercial message:

Will Phil pummel Scott with the circa 1990 Ping Eye 2 spin machine in question or will they hash out their differences over an Arnold Palmer in the true “spirit of the game?”

Daly & Tiger Sagas Continue

John Daly has lost a bunch of weight, a big change on the outside, but still the same old “loveable” knucklehead on the inside. Will more people watch golf with JD back? Probably not, and here’s why:

One, because John isn’t very good anymore and is not a tour regular.

Two, now that he is skinny, those of us who are overweight can call him fat anymore and still feel good about ourselves. John Daly’s pants are awesome, but are you really going to watch golf for 2 hours on a Sunday (assuming he makes a cut) hoping to a catch of glimpse of the coolest pair of trousers this side of an Austin Powers movie – maybe.

Tiger Woods, big change off the golf course, but what about on it when he returns? I say very little or no change on the course, no reason to think he won’t retain 96% of his “kicking ass and taking names attitude” when he is, you know, done curing supposed sexual addiction…….

This blog is starting to sound like a Jersey Shore episode – time to go!

Go Play Golf America

Bob Seganti, PGA

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