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Whew, times are tough all over, including the golf industry, all the experts in the field say golf is discretionary spending and that discretionary income simply isn’t available to a lot of people these days. I agree with some, but not all of that statement, for those of you who are not employed right now or have the threat of unemployment looming this blog is not directed at you, remember I sympathize and any of the above could apply to me at anytime. However, for the rest of you, here is how you can play more golf on the same income in this lousy economy.

Helpful Money Saving Ideas to One More Round Per Week………….

Remember when kids used to walk to school, I do because I did, until I worked to save money to buy a car. These days my kids can barely walk to the end of the driveway to get in the the oversize suv to drive them round trip to school everyday, not counting an hour a day of idling in traffic or the school parking lot.

Estimated gas savings per week with kids using foot power.   $15 – $20

In the why didn’t I think of this idea?

Daily Half Caf, Double Latte Calories Bombs cut back to 2 per week lose weight save money.   $10

Lunch, going out or ordering in costs money, lots of it, why do we do it? do we really need to? or is it more that I want to because I’m such a hard worker and I deserve to treat myself mentality? eat at your desk, you’ll get more work done, you’ll save money and you may get to leave early to……….play more golf? Do you see where this is going?

Brown Bag it twice a week saves you.   $20

Unless you are at your Health Club a minimum of twice a week every week, and look like one of their clients/slash models they use in their TV ads, skip the fancy gym, join the Y or better yet, just go play more golf and God forbid, walk when you play. Do you see where this is going?

Cancel Fancy Health Club Membership.   $25                                

Okay, I hate to break it to all of you parents out there, but chances are Lil Johnny and Lil Susie aren’t going to the Olympics. So do they really need  a personal trainer, private lessons in their sport of choice, spots on two or three different travel teams and the out of town competitive schedule that makes NBA players look like homebodies? I have been there and done that and that expense is completely out of hand. If you really want to help your kids excel in their sport of choice let them take a nap for heavens sake.

Fees     $25

Total Weekly Savings   $100+

 I could go on and on, but look, we have saved you a Benjamin that could be put to good use by playing more golf, break it up anyway you want, 4 rounds at your member course, 3 rounds at the local or one round at the high end new resort you have heard so much about. Anyway you slice it, you will have more time to work on that and help keep those of us in the golf industry employed a little longer.

BTW,  after month of this new savings plan you would have enough money for a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. Check out our great golf vacations on this website at

It’s not hard, it’s just golf…………..

Bob Seganti, PGA

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