In The Rough 3

Holy Smokes! Anyone seen Tiger or Phil around lately? What the heck are they doing floating down a river with Tom Sawyer this summer? The PGA Tour has stunk this summer and I’m not talking that weird smell you get from not washing your microber moisture wicking fabrics properly. Love em or hate em golf is more interesting when Tiger Woo Woo and Philly Mick are in the mix. Check Sundays ratings for The Open Championship. We all say we love an underdog and a good story, but apparently only 55% of us do and the rest of us turn off the flatscreen, start popping some Cialis and start checking out what our significant other is doing with the rest of their afternoon.  Sunday ratings for The Open down 45 % from last year! Yikes, that’s enough to make me tune into The Reno-Tahoe Classic, annoyingly played the same week as The Open Championship. What does it say about me as a person and a ahem golf professional, that I actually found the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic from Lake Tahoe more appealing than the Reno-Tahoe Classic on the big tour. It says I’d rather check out former faves in other sports hacking it around and catching glimpses of babes in bikinis by the shoreline than some semi-washed up vet or wet behind the ears kid trying to make their 3rd cut of the year…………….now that stinks! btw Congrats to Louis pronounced Louie

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Bob Seganti, PGA 

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