In The Rough 2

Maniacal musings………..

In no particular order or train of thought, (that train went off the tracks years ago)

Pebble Beach seems like a bargain at $495, that place looked awesome on hi-def tv, crappy greens? who cares? cash,charge or check if I’m out that way I’m playing and gladly paying, although won’t turn down a PGA discount if they have one……….

With all of the exemptions the USGA has to get into the Open, you would think they would have one for a PGA Tour winner in the same calendar year earning an exemption. Justin Rose sort of let them off the hook forgetting how to play golf this past Sunday at The Travelers, but could you imagine a guy bookending the Open with PGA Tours wins and somehow not being eligible in the first place.  No offense to the guy who sells beer to my favorite bar who qualified, it’s a good story for a Open week Monday, but you know that dude ain’t going to be there on Saturday…………..First round of beers is on me!

Tiger, Ernie and Phil looked like Johnny, Tony and Richie from your Saturday afternoon group. You know what I’m talking about, the excuse making, the “I don’t know why I’m playing so crappy today”, my bio-rythms must be off, my back hurts, did you see what I shot on Saturday ( Tiger) Friday (Phil) did you know I won twice already on tour this year ( Ernie) All three of these must guys feel like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, the dude who won is probably wondering what all the fuss is all about after all he shot 74 and the only guy who was close to him was a Frenchman named Greg.

I think Johnny Miller is the best analyst in golf and it’s not even close, not because he is polished or profecient or particular funny, he is just a guy talking about what he is thinking about what the other guy is thinking, don’t we all do that? and aren’t we wrong more often than not?, but when we are right isn’t sweet?

My wife ripped me for ripping Chris Berman’s work on the telecast, “afterall you have a radio show have you ever heard yourself on air, what makes you an expert on golf or broadcasting, at least Berman gets paid for his work” ouch, no my wife is not mean spirited ( generally) but she does love her NFL) and you don’t mess with anyone or anything affiliated with the NFL…………………

If the USGA doesn’t recognize that Pebble Beach and Bethpage Black need to be in a regular rotation of US Open venues they are stupid and not really interested in “growing the game”. I know I know “growing the game” is a PGA trademark, but hell were all in this golf thing together. My reasoning both are wildly popular public courses, one the most expensive, the other not so expensive, both Opens in those markets drew amazing tv ratings, they are on opposite coasts and really the people in the Midwest are so nice they like to travel to either coast on vacation anyway, so I don’t think they’d mind  having the Open skip their part of the country every once in while…………Erin Hills sounds nice, kind of like a high end Irish bar…………but you know it’s no day at the beach.

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Bob Seganti, PGA

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