In the Rough – September 2009

Wow, this is no time to be slacking off on the job…………..

Hard to believe it’s been a month since our last post, so let me catch you up on what’s been going on at True Blue and Caledonia Golf Clubs, Myrtle Beach and the world of golf in general…….

August is a big month for golf in Myrtle Beach….

The PGA Tour Superstore World- Am just concluded its 26th year in a row.This year, more than 3000 golfers from around the world competed in the week-long amateur event, which was eventually won by a woman from Texas. If you haven’t put the World-Am on your golf “bucket list,” what the heck are you waiting for?

Four days of tournament golf at four different golf courses on some of the best public tracks in the country. Four nights of cocktails and food with special events at the Worlds’ Largest 19th Hole and a chance to win cars, clubs and all sorts of other swag for around $500. Are you kidding me?

That’s the best deal in golf hands down anywhere in the world. Hell, a slob like me has an outside chance of  knocking down $500 worth of food and drink in a four-night span on vacation anywhere in the country, let alone playing four rounds of golf with a chance to get to the championship round where the prizes really stack up.

I’m considering reinstating for my amateur status just so I can say I played in the World Am……With the quality of my game, I’m sure the PGA of America would rubber stamp my application.

Know Your Score?  If you haven’t heard about you will…..go to and learn how the Myrtle Beach golf community started a worldwide initiative for the early detection  and screening for prostate cancer.

This year, the second annual celebrity golf tournament was hosted by Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim and was attended by many other celebrities in the entertainment and sports world.  Yes, yours truly was in attendance “working” the event for The Michelob Ultra Golf Guys on ESPN Radio The Team. Listen live every Saturday by going to The first thing you learn in media is never miss an opportunity for a plug……

You think you and I get “jacked” about the game of golf, ask Coach Boeheim a question about hoops and his eyes light up. You are in for a real treat when you see someone who is completely passionate about their craft.

I was so entranced by this talking about basketball that our interview ran long and I had to tell Craig T. Nelson, of Poltergeist fame and “Coach,” that we didn’t have time for him and that he was late for his tee-time and needed to get going.

When do you think the last time Craig T. Nelson was “shooed” away by some local yokel was? I am such an idiot…. a chance to interview the star of one my all-time favorite movies and I tell the guy thanks but no thanks. I don’t you want to hold up the group waiting to tee off behind you…..once a club jock, always a club jock.

Football has started. Is there any better day than playing golf in the morning and then watching football all day with your degenerate golf buddies? I guess a close second would be going to church with family and then to the mall for the afternoon……………………………………………not

You know who has some of the best courses in the world and some of the best sports bar as well? Myrtle Beach! Satisfy both of your hungers, football and golf, all in one place. Don’t worry fantasy guys and girls, we have internet access everywhere you go.

Don’t be a couch potato this fall, plan your golf and football vacation and find out where the best sports bars in Myrtle Beach are by going to Book on this website with Caledonia Golf Vacations and talk to their professional staff about your golf vacation. They can also probably give you some great advice on who to start on your fantasy football team this weekend.

Loving life and living the dream in Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

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