In the Rough – July 1, 2009

I’m on the hot seat …. I’ve been told by my editor that if I don’t start writing again, I’m in big trouble.

Dear readers,

I know what you are thinking ….this goon Seganti has an editor? And how much trouble could he get into for not writing this blog? As a matter of fact, I am probably doing you readers a favor by not posting this drivel.

I don’t really have an editor, but I do have a very professional, very funny woman who works in public relations that edits this mess and makes it somewhat presentable. By the way, she is also one helluva golfer, for a certain booking fee, I will arrange for her to play on your charity Captain’s Choice team this summer.

Back to the Professional Tours:

PGA Recap:

Kenny Perry is not a favorite of mine but I have to give the dude credit. Move over Vijay, Kenny is the best player in the world over 45.

Rickey Barnes may have the worst looking swing under pressure I’ve seen in a long time on the PGA TOUR. You rarely see such a noticeable difference in good swings and bad swings from a touring professional. He will not be a consistent performer on any professional tour without a major swing overhaul.

Tiger Woods is becoming the dominant player he has always been. I see The Open Championship as his lone major victory this year and he will add two more regular season victories to win Player of the Year honors in 2009. Really making a bold statement there, aren’t I?

Phil Mickelson has my respect for making the cut at Bethpage Black. I predicted on my radio show that he wouldn’t. However, the dude choked down the stretch and that can’t be denied. When you 3-putt a green on #15; when you come up a full club short on a hole you owned all week (#17); when you are regarded as having one of the best short games in the world and you don’t get up and down on #17, with plenty of green to work, and when you have a wedge in hand on last hole and you can’t get it inside of 30 feet. You Choked. My thoughts are with you and your family for a full recovery for your wife Amy.

LPGA Recap:

Kristy McPherson, a local player getting closer to winning on the LPGA TOUR, finished second at the past week’s Wegman’s Championship. Have had the opportunity to interview her and she is a lot of fun to talk with. Also follow her on Twitter. She has a very interesting lifestyle and loves to tweet about it. If I could ever figure out the LPGA schedule, I would probably watch more ladies golf. What’s not to like? Golf and ladies, I like both……..

Champions Tour Recap:

Is that still in existence? Do Chi-Chi and Trevino still play? How is it the older I get the less interested in “senior” golf I become………

Suggestion: Being 50 years old does not make you a senior! Raise the age limit to 60 and I might enjoy watching some older guys knock it around. Hell, Jay Haas was in town playing True Blue a couple of times last week and was knocking it past some of the local jocks by 20 yards and 20 years their senior. He’s no geezer.

Summertime is a great time to get out and play with family. Days are long, schedules are flexible and kids actually are bored and are looking for things to do to get out of the house (or office) Sounds like some 42 year olds I know.

Remember short practice sessions and limit the amount of holes the kids (or 42 year olds) are playing. Always leave them wanting more. By the way, save the cheapskate routine for around the house. Buy the kid (or 42 year old) a candy bar or ice cream at the course, that way they’ll always associate the golf course as a fun place, even if their golf game stinks.

Stay cool!

Bob Seganti, PGA

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