In The Rough – December 2009

Sure has been a quiet offseason as we head into the end of year. I’m looking forward to the first week of January so we can start talking about golf and the PGA TOUR. It seems like a long time since golf or a golfer has been relevant in the news.

This may have been the start of a blog at the end of 2008, but wow, have times changed! The Tiger story has forever changed the game of golf.

No, not the way the game is played. No, Tiger will still be dominant, whenever this thing blows over. Look for a great year in 2012 from Tiger. It could take that long. Man, has he been busy during his offweeks lately!

No, he will not be more open to the press, even though my buddies say ‘what does he have left to hide’? Good point maybe, but don’t you think we have just scratched the surface? Already close-lipped, he will be this generation’s Ben Hogan, a mythical figure who’s golfing genius was worshipped by most, even though he was by all accounts a bitter and solitary man most of his life.

The only guys sweating more than Tiger right now are the rest of his brethren on the PGA TOUR. These guys have been getting a free pass from the media for decades.What? You don’t think there were groupies back in the day? Hell, the old style golf pro’s were know for having prodigious appetites for gambling, drinking and carousing that would have landed anyone one of them on the front cover of US Weekly Magazine.

And that is the rub, until Tiger came along. Only traditional golf publications cared about golf or golfers’ lives. And even then, the stories were far from hard-hitting journalism. Afterall, the golf writers on tour certainly don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. All things relating to off-the-course activities, on course infractions, etc.., were met with a shrug of the shoulders and “boys will be boys” knowing wink and a laugh.

Hope everyone enjoyed their free pass. Watch out Phil, Anthony, Camillo. Once they ring Tiger dry, you guys are next. May take a while but it’s coming.

The TMZ’s and US Magazine’s need content and they’ll get it wherever they can.

You guys have been riding Tiger’s tail for a long time to your benefit. Now that works both ways. One of you guys will be the next “another pro golfer caught with his pants down by wife” story.

I’m not saying. I’m just saying, you didn’t get this from me but… I heard so and so was with so and so or so and so lost millions gambling and had to have a major sponsor cover his tab. Guess what? It wasn’t John Daly.

The ladies on the LPGA TOUR get ready. It’s going to happen to you as well. Did you hear so and so is sleeping with so and so and so and so had an affair with so and so’s husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, etc..I figure the “Tiger” storm will start losing steam eventually. The rest of you guys and gals on TOUR might want to consider some nicely-wrapped loose ends for the holidays and an airtight alibi, because once Tiger is used up, they’ll be looking in your closet next.

The PGA Tour starts the first week of January. But the Tiger Tour probably won’t start until mid-March. Stay tuned.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Bob Seganti, PGAPlay Golf America!

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