In the Rough – August 6, 2009

Let’s have a little Q and A today? See how many of my answers you agree or disagree with………………

Q.Will Tiger win the PGA Championship?

A. No, he will be in the mix, but a little self-doubt creeping in from missed cut at Open Championship, along with some suspect driving of the golf ball at a very long Hazeltine, will have him taking the collar in 2009 at the majors. By the way, I took him against the field at The Buick.

Q. Will Tiger win PGA Tour Player of the Year award?

A. Yes, he will win 2 more times this year and the winner of The PGA Championship will be another first time major winner with maybe only 1 other tour victory, not enough to win the POY award. Tiger’s 6 wins will easily put him over the top.

Q. Will Tiger win The Fed Ex Cup this year?

A. His performance in the PGA will determine interest level in Fedex Cup. So answer is yes, with no major he needs to hang his hat on something this year, even something as flimsy as The FedEx Cup.

Q. Will Tiger sell all of his Buick’s to the retirement home down the street and buy a car more suitable for his age?

A. Not all, Buick has made some hot cars since Tiger has been shilling their product. That Buick Enclave is one sweet-looking crossover SUV. With a funny commercial, plus with a wife and 2 kids and a nanny, you have to something you can drive everyone to The Chucky Cheese in.

Q.If Tiger’s daughter asks him a question he doesn’t like, does he ignore her like he does the media at his day job?

A. I’m guessing he brushes her off with “I love you honey” but go ask your mother.

Q.Does Tiger’s wife make him take out the trash or give him crap about leaving the cap of the toothpaste?

A. Hell yeah, she’s his wife isn’t she? Didn’t say a peep when they were just “hooking up” though. Funny how that works. Easy ladies, that works both ways, I used to be “romantic” and more “talkative” when my wife and I were just dating.

Q.The first time one of his kid’s drops the f-bomb, will Tiger be appalled, surprised, embarrassed or blame it on his wife’s child rearing skills.

A. Well, he sure can’t deny he’s uses language like that. It’s only been caught on tape about a cajillion times. My guess is he will be embarrassed. But like a smoker who can’t quit, he will be unable to curtail his language. I don’t want to seem like a Tiger apologist but , what the f*&K he was raised by a F*&^%’n Green Beret, those guys are some bad motherf(*&^%$s

Q. Who Farted at the Buick?

A. The debate rages on was it Tiger, Stevie or Feherty, it has been reported by major networks and webpages that any of the 3 could be the guilty party. My inside sources tell me that Feherty and Woods often engage in fart-offs while walking the fairways during tournaments. Can’t get that inside info just anywhere you know…….I have a nose for a good story. Feherty is your guy!

Fall softball practice starts tonight, looking forward to that, I am going towork on my golf swing before I leave the course today and my homerun swing later on than have a couple of beers with the guys after practice……. Life is good in Myrtle Beach.

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Go Play Golf!

Bob Seganti, PGA

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