In the Rough – August 21, 2009

I’m in an odd place……  

Sometimes being right feels so wrong……

In my last blog, I picked Tiger to lose to another first-time major winner with maybe one other tour victory.  Guess what happened? Y.E. Yang, first-time major winner with one other PGA tour victory, The Honda Classic in March at PGA National.

Geez, talk about a comfort zone for Y.E.  The PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens is owned and operated by The PGA of America and is the home site / campus where all PGA professionals (including your club pro at in your hometown) attend certification classes. And, where we can also buy retirement condos at a discount on the property, when were done selling shoes, booking your tee-times and trying to fix your golf swings. Hurray! It’s our turn. We can finally retire and start playing some golf!

 I digress….

Then the guy goes out and wins The PGA Championship, the only major that is run by The PGA of America. If he keeps up with this trend, our PGA continuing education classes will start requiring “Victory Speeches in Korean 101” and how to “Sneak up on a Tiger” Level 200, 300 and grad classes to qualified students.

 Oh well, life is all about accepting change….

I think it’s time you got out of your rut. What better way than to plan a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The Golf Capital of the World!

Visit Caledonia Golf Vacations on this site at to plan  your next golf vacation to Myrtle Beach! There are still some great tee-times available for the fall golf season.

By the way, Tiger’s next 6 years of golf, barring injury, will be the most dominant stretch of golf in the history of the game…………

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