He Said, He Said

I can only speak for myself, but seriously Tom and Phil. Let it go!

The Ryder Cup is over. We got our butts handed to us and no amount of open letters, apologies or woulda shoulda’s is going to change the final tally. It’s football season, grab a couch, a remote control and make sure the fridge is stocked with craft beers and fine cheeses. Enjoy the Fall season! You are all playing next year, no worries about playing the Fall Golf season and chasing your tour card. Besides the Christmas season pocket lining end of year “events” are still  several weeks away. So kick back and relax, afterall we’re guaranteed to win the next one. In case you haven’t heard thru your Dr. Dre Beats while chillaxing in the Bahama’s, Azinger has the formula for victory……..USA USA USA!

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The opinions expressed in this blog are not necassarily those of the management and ownership of Caledonia Golf & Fish Club,True Blue Golf Club and Caledonia Golf Vacations.

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