Charity and Golf

Just flew back from South Africa with my wife, and boy are my arms tired……….BAAAAZING!!!!!!

But seriously, my wife and I did just return from a fantastic photo safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa, now your probably wondering how a slob like me can afford a trip like that, well, that’s none of your business. But I have particpated in, hosted and supported a lot of charity golf events in my 25 year love/hate affair with the game and I have never shied away from a raffle ticket  that’s how…….and neither should you.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s golf and its charity and if you can combine the two, why not? Over the years I have won a set of Ping Eye 2’s,( was so hammered almost sold them to some jackass for $200 on the spot, thank goodness a friend and my ride home that night intervened and put the kibosh on that transaction) a 42 inch Hi-Def TV , the 50/50 twice and for the record I kept my half of the 50 both times, not because I’m cheap, but because it’s not called a 100/0, also several gift certificates for dinners, brake jobs, spa trips, car detailing, rounds of golf, which for the record I always put back into the draw, complimentary golf is one thing I can’t use. I have also participated in many silent auctions and I have “won” cool items like autographed helmets, footballs, pictures etc. Just this summer alone I have bid $100 and won a $300 teeth whitening which I have always wanted do, but could never justify the expense, afterall you know the old saying you can put a wedding dress on a pig but it’s still…………and an autographed helmet signed by Tyler Thigpen a local college grad playing in the NFL for only a $100, might be worth something someday ,and heck the helmet alone is worth that much.

 What is the point of all this you ask? To brag about how lucky I am….I don’t think so. My point is you have to be in to win it, you can’t take it with you, take a chance, help out a cause other than yourself, let’s be honest were golfers it’s always more fun to win money than earn it,  buy a raffle ticket, play in charity tournaments, your going to play golf anyway so why not support a great cause and play golf at the same time. I have spent thousand of dollars on charity golf in my 25 years of playing and working in the golf business, but I have recieved way more than that in return both monetarily and spiritually for helping out someone’s cause. I have always felt lucky being involved in the game of golf, first as a particpant, and then to make a career in golf. It won’t make you rich, but you will be rewarded spiritually if not financially if you particpate in many of the charitable opportunities the game presents. My latest score, a $150 raffle ticket purchased last year to support another worthy cause “The Know Your Score” Prostate Awareness Celebrity Golf Tournament held here in Myrtle Beach at The Long Bay Resort netted the missus and I an all expense paid trip to South Africa for 6 nights and 7 days, which turns out has, been the trip of lifetime to date for both of us.

 Just ask Bobby M. from Massachutes if he made a good investment in charity last week when he participated in our America’s Top 100 charity promotion for $10, made a hole-in-one and won a 3 night 4 day golf trip for him and 3 friends at The True Blue Resort to stay and play True Blue and Caledonia Golf Club’s twice each, a trip valued at over $3000.

 So get out and play somewhere soon and give a little back to the community and if you want to come to Myrtle Beach and support a charity here, feel free with over 100 golf courses and probably a dozen charity events every week in the summer,  you will have plenty of options.

Visit us at to plan your next golf adventure to Myrtle Beach and like Bobby M. you may be coming back next time for free!


Bob Seganti, PGA

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