As Seen on ESPN2: “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Highlights the Big Finish at Caledonia’s 18th Hole

From Season 2, Episode 10 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on ESPN2, host Charlie Rymer is offering yet another playing tip on a popular hole at Caledonia. Here, “The Big Timer” is addressing the challenge the big green presents, and how you need to approach your putting line!

Charlie Rymer:

Okay folks, we are ready for the big finish and 18 at Caledonia does not disappoint. It’s all about position off the tee. You got to challenge the water on the right with that teeball. The closer you get to that water, the shorter your second shot is and you want a short second shot in. Because this green is really wide, but it has very little depth to it. You want to be coming in there with as little club as possible. The other thing is really challenging about this hole, that porch right behind the green because all your buddies are going to be up there heckling you if you shank one off into the water. It really is one of the best settings in all of golf. I enjoy it every time I see it, and I know you will too.

Here at 18, I’ve got one of the longest putts you’ll ever face. This is easily 120 or 130 feet and it’s got a lot of break in it. A long, big break in putts. People tend to make one mistake. Instead of looking at their intended line, they look at the hole or the flagstick. If you do that, you’re going to miss low every time. I’ve got a few balls out to the left that are marking my attended line, if I focus on the path of this putt, the high point of the putt, that gives me my best chance to cruise that in there and get it within six, eight feet of the cup, which would be really good from here. So let’s see what we get. I’ll take that one.

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