Caledonia Hole 14

As Seen on ESPN2: “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Highlights No. 14 at Caledonia

In Season 2, Episode 10 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on ESPN2, “The Big Timer” highlighted six holes at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club by not only showcasing their majestic beauty, but offering playing tips along the way. In this part, Charlie’s teeing it up at No. 14 and showing us a helpful approach off this tee.

14 at Caledonia is an example of Lowcountry golf at its finest. As you stand on this tee, you see the beautiful pond to the left, filled with alligators. You look to the right and you see majestic live oaks filled with fox squirrels (believe me, folks, you’d rather deal with fox squirrels than alligators!).

But when your focus comes back to the hole, you’ve got to hit enough club off the tee to get around the corner so you have a clear look at this magnificent green. Very deep from front to back, framed beautifully by the flower bed behind. You just can’t ask for anything better in a golf hole than 14 here at Caledonia, but you better pay attention to that tee ball.

So the 14th hole (at Caledonia), one of my favorites in all of Myrtle Beach. It’s not a long hole. The key is eliminating the left-hand side of this fairway, which happens to be this beautiful pond. Now how am I going to make this ball submit to my will? I’m going to hit what’s called a squeeze cut. I’m going to tee it down a little bit lower, not really change anything because it feels like I’m just sort of wiping across the ball to the left. Let’s see what we get!

If I do it right, it’ll launch a little low. It’ll start towards the water, and it’ll curve back towards the middle of the fairway. Something like that!

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