Advice From An Old Fat Club Jock On How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat Jun

Advice from an old fat club jock on how to stay cool in the summer heat:

Use it. No, it not just for the ladies and babies, you Neanderthal. Getting sunburned is dangerous – melanoma anyone?

Wear one. Helps protect your eyes and if you think you are thinning on top, you probably are and sunburn on your head hurts really bad and again – melanoma.

Performance Clothing:
In my opinion, one of the most important advancements in golf equipment technology ever. Exaggeration? I don’t think so. The guys and gals on tour look cool as can be thanks to their clima-cool and cool-max duds. Think back to the days of cotton shirts and shorts, it was like wearing a wet blanket for me once the temperatures got in to the 80’s. Now I’m cool and dry as can be and an added bonus all these micro fiber products are wash n’ wear. No iron!

 I know, I know, beer is mostly water, trust me I love my water as well. However, overindulgence of alcohol is dangerous but especially so in the heat. Dehydration or heat stroke anyone? Ever get that weird buzz on a hot day and then feel like crap for the next day, that’s called, heat exhaustion and the suds aren’t helping. By the way, neither are caffeinated sodas or certain sports drinks. Save the beer for the clubhouse after the round, drink plenty of water prior to playing and during the round.

Avoid Prime Time: 
Hey, it can get really hot between 11:00 and 3:00. Play early or play late and better yet sometimes you can catch a price break with twilight specials, you may pay more in the early morning but you can get work in the afternoon or spend quality time with your significant other in the afternoon. “Skyrockets in flight’ can’t put a price tag on that now can you?

Common Sense:
You know you have it, use it, the above are just reminders for us guys, ladies know better, and you can really enjoy the summer heat if you just use common sense, like the common sense we implore our kids to use.

Take a Golf Vacation;
Golf Vacations aren’t just for grownups. Going to the beach, pack the clubs. The Myrtle Beach area welcomes family golfers with affordable fees and great junior programs like The Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday “Family Summer Fun Program” and of Caledonia Golf Vacations at has great Summer Sizzler Golf Vacations Special thru Labor Day.

Stay Cool and Go Play Golf

Bob Seganti, PGAThings I Know…

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